Restoring the Past

for a Bright Future!

Welcome to The Chrome Shop

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in custom plating. The Chrome Shop is known for its high attention to detail, professionalism, and excellent hand-crafted work. Open for more than 40 years, we see a “bright” future and so can you.

Our specialty service includes custom chrome, hard chrome, nickel and copper plating. We specialize in automotive trim plating, but have done several other decorative, medical, and agricultural projects as well.

In 2022, we saw the need to add Cadmium plating to the lineup. So, in June 2022 we ran the first batch of cad with great success. In July we added the yellow chromate topcoat for those customers looking an alternative to Zinc. Parts can be processed by barrel or rack and run.

Discover Our Services

We help our clients with their complex projects. Our experienced team can help you bring your chrome pieces back to life.

Service Details

Cleaning the Metal

Our team will take your piece and perfect it so it’s ready from plating. Making sure the piece is ready for polish is crucial. Our team knows metal finishing techniques to get any piece back up to par.

We Polish the Metal

We polish the metal piece to a mirror finish to prep the metal for chroming.

The Chrome Shop has more to offer than triple plate chrome, we can do brush finish or also known as “butler” satin finish in some circles. For those that have Stainless Steel projects, The Chrome Shop is ready to handle all your polishing needs.


Our team takes the metal piece through the process of plating it in the different chemicals. The final finishes of chrome, copper or nickel come out looking perfect every time.