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Flash Chrome

Flash chrome is a technique that is used were the part is cleaned and prepped for the nickel plate and subsequently chromed. Used in some industrial applications and also restorations. A less expensive process compared to “show” chrome, but still a durable coating. Flash chrome is also known as Nickel/Chrome, since that is all that is applied.


Cadmium plating is a metallic silver, soft coating that can be deposited on various base materials such as steel, copper and brass with ease and aluminum in certain circumstances. Because of its corrosion resistance, lubricity and chemical resistance, there is a wide market that looks to use Cadmium. The Chrome Shop offers both Silver (as Plated) and Yellow Chromate (topcoat). A post process heat treat can be done if your project requires.

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating provides a combination of corrosion and wear resistance. It can add brightness, luster and appeal. It also provides excellent adhesion properties for the chrome. The bright nickel will be polished and buffed to provide a deep chrome that will last for years, if maintained correctly. Here are some benefits of nickel for industrial applications:

  • Increased resistance to corrosion.
  • Improved hardness.
  • Superior strength.
  • Resistance to wear.
  • Improved ductility

Hard Chrome

Hard chrome is used for most of our industrial clients looking to extend the life cycle of their equipment. Applied in a similar way as show/flash chrome, hard chrome produces a thin Rockwell 70-75c coating and has a natural lubricity, corrosion resistance and a resistance to adhesion. We can also post heat treat for hydrogen embrittlement on any order that may require.

Show Chrome

This process is what made The Chrome Shop a local legend. For more than 40 years, we have been triple plating parts for some of the most prized possession for our customers. Triple plate means to place copper down on the substate material and give it a high polish and then the part is nickel plated, polished and a final coating of chrome. We welcome all inquiries for show chrome.


Copper plating is a big part of the finished product. Without a good base coat, the final product will not be a quality finish. On a restoration project, the part is stripped and repaired. Defects are sanded, pounded or filled with solder. Once repairs are complete, polished to a mirror finish, a layer of copper is placed on the part and buffed out to a mirror finish. This will give the chrome a depth of look that can’t be beat. It also provides us a chance to look over the part for any imperfections before heading to the nickel stage. Copper can fill in some small defects before the following processes.

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